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Final Fantasy Meme - seven relationships » Yuna and Tidus {1.7}

Yes, home.

Vierawood’s favorite dresspheres → Yuna
Lady Luck, Thief, Songstress, and Psychic

Eating ass is the ultimate result of capitalist patriarchy, where no commodity is safe from consumption, even the butt.





idk how 2 feel about this post

Typical Capitalist propaganda! Eating ass is a communal experience, shared by proletariat and bourgeoisie alike. It is a universal human experience, and not be looked at incorrectly through the lens of resource management of Capitalist pigs!

Real talk, though: I’m playing Triple Deluxe right now because my boyfriend has it and I’m at his house for the weekend (as mentioned). The game is super fantastic! Like, every end of world boss is so ingeniously designed and a blast to fight! The game also plays so brilliantly with the 3D perspective! This is what good video games are made of!




i may be ugly and untalented


thats all

"Straight guys" in gay porn be like:


"Oh, I’ve never sucked a dick before!"



also the hobbit has the worst raid party make-up ever. everyone is a warrior except like two rogues one of whom is a big noob and the only mage isn’t even a healer

legolas is like that lvl 100 dude that comes along and steals all your kills and then leaves




Goat gives it all it’s got

goat: mwaahh

dude: aww, that’s so wimpy, come on, give it all you got! GO!


dude: yeaaah

this is so important


Alec gifs by romy7




when you call people out for being problematic

Hey, all!


So, I usually don’t do this kind of thing. In fact, the last time I did anything like this, it wasn’t for me; it was for someone else who asked me for help. More or less, I’m a bit of a pickle and I need some help, and if anyone can lend a hand, I’d be extremely grateful. I know not everyone can, so I understand if that’s the case, but, again, thanks either way. This is the page for the funding:


This is the description of the situation:

"Alright, everyone! Here’s the deal: I am not currently in a very good living situation, and in order to continue to work and prepare for competition I need a form of transportation. Unfortunately, I don’t live with a very responsible group of people, meaning I have been left without a car as of this morning (while, interestingly enough, everything else that isn’t needed in the house is somehow being paid; so, as you can tell, my future and my hard work isn’t anyone’s priority in the place I’m currently inhabiting). The worst part is that public transportation in South Florida is absolutely abysmal (in Florida, in general), and every place I need to go to is far. So, I am asking for help so I can get myself a new set of wheels, so I can apply for a better job and just finally move out of my current living situation.

I put the total amount of what I need as the goal, but, really, any donation, of any kind, is super helpful: whether $100 or $.50; it doesn’t matter. I only need a decent car that gets me from Point A to Point B; nothing fancy. If anyone is willing to lend a hand, I would be extremely grateful. Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this. You are all the best.”

Thanks, everyone. <3